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Aboveground Oil Tank Removal Solutions

Sitka Oil Tank Removal Ltd. offers the professional removal of aboveground tanks of all makes and models. Whether the tank is located outside of the home or tucked away in a crawl space Sitka has the experience to handle the removal with pride in workmanship and above all else a safety-first mindset.


Initial Assessment

In most cases involving the removal of aboveground tanks, we can provide you with a detailed quote without the need for an on-site visit. This streamlined process involves a series of questions designed to gather essential information about the tank and its location.

However, if the tank is situated inside your home or if certain crucial details are unavailable, rest assured that we offer a complimentary site visit. This ensures we obtain all necessary information to provide you with an accurate and reliable removal quote.


Challenges of Indoor Tank Removal

Removing an aboveground tank located within the confines of your home, such as in a basement or crawl space, presents unique challenges. Crawl spaces, in particular, pose the most intricate scenarios.

Typically, tanks in crawl spaces were installed before the overhead flooring, making access limited. These confined spaces require careful maneuvering, and often, the tank needs to be cut into multiple pieces to facilitate its removal.

This aspect makes indoor tank removal the most labor-intensive among the three possible tank locations.

Further assessment

Efficient One-Day Removal

Our aboveground tank removal process is designed to be efficient and minimally disruptive. In a single day, our team handles the complete removal, containerization, and transportation of the oil stored within the tank.

We also take care of cutting and disposing of the tank, as well as capping any connective piping. At the conclusion of the project, you'll receive a comprehensive final report in electronic PDF format.

This report serves as valuable documentation for homeowners, real estate transactions, or insurance purposes, ensuring you have a record of the tank removal process for your peace of mind.

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