4 Steps

Ferromagnetic Oil Tank Detection Solutions

Through this comprehensive four-stage process, we employ a combination of visual inspection, advanced technology, and manual probing to meticulously search for any evidence of a buried underground storage tank, delivering a thorough assessment of your property's history.


Visual Factory Assessment

Our experienced Sitka team member initiates the process by conducting a thorough visual inspection of the property. This involves carefully examining various visual cues that might indicate the presence of a buried underground storage tank. Such cues may include copper feeder lines in or around the original furnace location, vent pipes, or markings on exterior walls. Additionally, we keep an eye out for the telltale fill pipe, typically located within fifteen feet of the original home foundation. These visual indications serve as valuable initial clues, helping us determine the areas requiring closer examination during the subsequent steps.


Renovation Consideration

Given the passage of time and the likelihood of extensive interior and exterior renovations, it's not uncommon for visual indicators of an underground storage tank to vanish.

Renovations often involve removing connecting pipes, leaving the tank buried with no visible signs. In such cases, our approach shifts towards utilizing advanced technology to uncover potential hidden tanks.

Further assessment

Ferromagnetic Locating

To address this challenge, we employ a ferromagnetic locator, a specialized device designed to detect large metal bodies buried in the yard.

This step plays a pivotal role in our investigation, as it helps us identify magnetic anomalies that resemble underground storage tanks. When the detector identifies a substantial magnetic anomaly, it raises a flag for further investigation.


Manual Probing and Confirmation

The final stage involves manual probing in the immediate vicinity of the detected magnetic anomaly. This hands-on process requires our team to excavate the area to reach the anomaly.

By doing so, we can ascertain whether it is indeed an underground storage tank or another buried metallic object. This step ensures a conclusive determination, providing our clients with accurate and reliable information about the property.

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