4 Steps

Underground Oil Tank Removal Solutions

By following these four steps, our Ferromagnetic Oil Tank Scan service aims to provide real estate agents and homeowners with the information and confidence they need when dealing with properties that may have underground oil tanks, ultimately promoting transparency, safety, and responsible property management.


Site Assessment and Information Gathering

To provide and accurate quote for removal a Sika team member will visit the site to gather all relevant information such as location of the tank on the property, size of tank, remaining oil level in the tank, required equipment and site logistics. Underground storage tank removal projects require the use of an environmental consultant. The consultant is hired by the homeowner, works directly for the homeowner, and will oversee the soil sampling and documentation process.

Removal Process

Efficient Tank Removal Process

The Removal Process is typically a one-day event which includes the use of compact excavator for the removal of the tank, pump truck for the removal and transport of the remaining oil in the tank, soil sampling by an environmental consultant of the clients choosing and backfill of the excavation.

The site is backfilled the same day to mitigate the potential for ground water to collect in the excavation while the soil samples are being processed at the laboratory.

Further assessment

Laboratory Testing for Soil Analysis

The samples collected by the third-party environmental consultant will typically be on a 5-business day turn around at the laboratory.

Although we will have a good understanding of the conditions of the soils surrounding the tank the day it is removed this is only a professional opinion and before the environmental consultant can call the site clean passing samples must be obtained through the testing procedure which is carried out at the laboratory.

If passing samples were collected the day of the tanks removal the site will be considered clean and soil remediation will not be required. If failing samples were collected a soil remediation project will be required to find clean soils.


Comprehensive Documentation for Tank Removal

If the site is clean the client will receive two final reports documenting the project.

The first will be issued by Sitka Oil Tank Removal Ltd. which will document the removal of the tank. The second report will be issued by the environmental consultant and will document the soil conditions.

These two reports are the required documentation for proving an underground storage tank has been professionally removed and the soils have been tested and proven clean by an environmental consultant.

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