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Contaminated Soil Remediation   Solutions

Soil remediation projects can vary greatly in regard to the size and scope of the project. Factors such as length of time a tank has been leaking, how much oil has escaped the tank into the surrounding soils, the location of the tank on the property, topography of the property, soil conditions on the property, and ground water table movement throughout the property all play a roll in the volume of contaminated soils that may need to be removed from a specific site.


Soil Remediation Quotation

A quote for soil remediation will be presented to the client. Soil remediation work is quoted separately from the removal of the underground storage tank. The quote for soil remediation includes all labour, required equipment, contaminated soil container and transport, contaminated soil disposal at a registered facility, backfill material and a final report documenting the soil remediation project.


Soil Excavation and Sample Collection

During the course of a soil remediation project the clean overburden materials are stripped down to where the contaminated soils are present and stockpiled on site as room permits. The contaminated soils are then excavated from the original tank location outwards and removed under the direction of the environmental consultant.

After the excavation of contaminated soils has concluded, the signs of contamination are no longer present and clean soils are suspected to have been found the environmental consultant will collect a final round of soil samples from the excavation.


Remediation Completion and Backfilling

Upon the collection of passing samples the site will be considered remediated and the excavation will be backfilled to grade with construction based backfill material.


Final Reporting

At the completion of the project a final report documenting the soil remediation project will be issued. The homeowner will also receive final report from the environmental consultant documenting the soil conditions.   

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